Having a personal assistant for all of your morning habits might be a costly fad. Some may even say it’s something only rich and lazy people can resort to. But think again! The iKettle is that promised piece of technology that comes to aid you whenever you want, as a sort of personal assistant – at least in the kitchen it can do this perfectly. The smart kettle is accessible through Wi-Fi and an app that you can access via your phone. It is just like an ordinary kettle – in the sense it boils water – but that’s where the similarities end. Because due to high tech incorporated into the device, you can put it to work by not touching it at all. The wireless ability will give freedom to do things while the water boils. It even tells you when it runs low on water so you can refill it. It has 3 modes: Wake up, Welcome home, and Game mode, each having its own specific timings and boiling points customized to your morning routine or TV schedule. Yes, it’s that smart! Check the iKettle out and get your own for £99.95. It has a capacity of 1.8 L and it doesn’t need you to shut it off, it has an automated trigger.

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