This Kids Pedal Powered Forklift Actually Lets You Pick Stuff Up

Like the Mechanics Toy Car, another machine that provides some important lessons to your kids, would be the pedal powered forklift. Besides just learning how to maneuver a real car, the use of this machine will not only entertain your kids, but will also teach them the basics of a forklift and moreover,  the way stuff is being hauled around in a warehouse.

Being similar to all the toy cars that are maneuvered with the use of pedals, the forklift has a set of extra functions, that allow the kids more than just to move around, giving them the possibility to pick up, move around and set back down stuff, through a functioning forklift.

More than that, the front side of the forklift is built so that they can store stuff on top of it, so they can later move it around. Imagine buying this for your kids, they will be so excited with the new toy, that you won’t have to worry about moving anything (that has the proper weight to be carried with the forklift), around in the house. And they will actually be excited to do it!

The forklift toy is very easy to use. In order to move forward or backwards with it, you just have to pedal back or forward. If you want to pick something up, the forks have to be set underneath the object that you desire to lift, then the lifter has to be rotated so the forks are able to lift it. The lifter has to be rotated the opposite way to wind the forks back down, and then the pedal has to be pressed for the next move.

Among the features of the forklift toy we find that the seat is adjustable, so kids that are different age or size can use this machine, it also has a working horn on the steering wheel and the forks can be tilted back and forth, in order to drop down the stuff that is carried with the forklift.

This toy can be utilized by kids that are 3 years old minimum, and it is recommended that the maximum height of the kids using it would be of 55 inches for the best of use.

A precision chain-drive is being used in order to move around, it has an Ackermann steering along with trailer couplings on the front and back, and the design matches an actual Linde Lime Tree Series 394 forklift.

Considering the outlook of the machine, it comes in a combination of red and black, it weighs 49 lbs and it  measures 51 inches tall x 41.3 inches long x 22 inches wide, when it is fully assembled.

Kids Can Actually Pick Stuff Up With This Pedal Powered Forklift

Kids Can Actually Pick Stuff Up With This Pedal Powered Forklift Where was this when I was a kid?! ??Find it here:

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