This is an E-Bike Bicycle Car That Keeps You Warm During Winter Transit

Riding a bike to work is a great way to have both daily exercises and live a more conscious and eco-friendly life. But in Winter it can be quite hard to ride a bike daily, as it is too cold even for a short walk. But what if someone invented a smart e-bike that looks like a tiny car and it also keeps you warm in the cold?

The vehicle is called PodRide and it is an e-bike with an enclosure, so you can feel warm and comfortable all year round. The PodRide is operated by a pedal-assisting motor which can speed up to even 15.5 mph and you can go even faster if you pedal yourself. You can get inside the tiny car easily, by flipping out its top half and use it in any kind of weather, all season.

You couldn’t do this with a bike without getting all wet and maybe even getting a nasty cold after. Besides the fact that you can use this bike-car all year round, the PodRide is also a fun way to get around, save some money and protect the environment at the same time. And did you know that you can remove the e-bike’s battery and charge it? Plus, you can also transport someone in the back as there is plenty of space for one person or your groceries.

The PodRide is still in testing and planning mode and cannot be purchased yet, though the designers are planning to release the final product in mid-2020. So, if you like the idea of having a bike that you can use all-year-round without being cold, keep an eye out for its release date.

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