This Giant Inflatable Twister Game Is Perfect For Your Next Backyard BBQ

Twister is one of the most iconic childhood games that can be linked to a lot of funny moments. Since everyone is looking forward to summer and barbecues, why not equip yourself with a fun outdoor game that reminds you of easier times? This Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game will be perfect for summer days and can be installed quite easily in your backyard.

The best part about this huge inflatable toy is that it can be played simultaneously by multiple players, even up to 10 persons and supports a total of 1,500 pounds.

The game is like Twister, you have 64 colored organized in 8 rows and someone must spin a large wheel that will show you where to place your hands and feet. The extra fun is added by the wobbliness of the surface and the last man standing will be the winner who takes it all.

If you are not sure whether the Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game will fit into your backyard, you can just measure your space in advance keeping in mind its size: 15 x 15 feet wide and long and is 15 inches tall. It can also be inflated easily, using the 1-hp air blower that is included in the price. Such a cool investment for the next summer!


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