This Auto-Rotating Shoe Rack Is Perfect For Your Closet

Whoever said that they have enough pairs of shoes is a liar! There is never such thing as enough shoes, only limited space available to store them. If you are a person who puts a lot of effort and money in their shoes, then you surely have encountered a problem when it comes to storing them.

But what if there was a magical closet that can help you not only store your shoes but also efficiently organize them? There is this Florida-based company, called Maurice’s Furniture that makes very smart auto-rotating shoe racks for closets and they customize each order according to the customer’s needs. Besides built-in-closets, they also make kitchen cabinets and islands.

This very popular custom made rotating electric shoe rack has a video presentation on their website and it is great, as you can have access to any shoe in your closet at the push of a button.

It is a cleverly designed system in which each of the 12-13 different shelves containing the shoes, come up by rotation revealing new pairs of shoes stored on the back rows. In comparison to other companies that offer similar, but standard shoe racks for a price of $2,200, this custom-designed one is a real bargain.

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