There’s Now a Curved Pillow That Lets You Cuddle Without Turning Your Arm Numb

Cuddling is one of the nicest activities that you can have with your partner, but everyone knows that it comes with a price: getting a numb arm. It doesn’t matter if you are the big or the small spoon, as every once in a while, it is your turn to lose all the feeling in your arm thanks to cuddling.

Luckily, some clever designers figured out a way to avoid this without having to give up cuddling and made a curved pillow that has plenty of space for your hand to sit comfortably. The product is called Coodle Pillow and it will allow you and your partner to cuddle for hours and sit relaxed.

The pillow has a tunnel shape, through which you can put your arm, while your significant other rests their head on the pillow. This way you can embrace them and sit in a comfortable position without asking yourself how long you should keep struggling until it is fine to take back control of your arm.

The pillow is very resistant and has 4 arched plastic braces inside, so it won’t collapse, and it is also made out of high-quality foam. It can be used as a lap pillow too and placed on your leg while your partner rests their head there. For more details watch the video presentation and purchase the Coodle Pillow from Amazon.

If you want to buy one, just click HERE!



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