The Plant Urinal Allows You To Pee Right Into Your Plants, Perfect For at Home Or The Office

Prank boxes are the perfect gift if you want a genuine reaction from someone and make their day a bit more joyful. There are plenty of prank boxes you can choose from, some more silly than the others, but this Plant Urinal box is truly special.

The box has a kit of a small urinal that can be placed inside a plant pot and transform it into a urinal, of course. The catchphrase of the gift box is ‘’Turn your liquid gold into leafy greens!”, so it will surely be a fun gift for a close friend or coworker.

The Plant Urinal kit was designed by Emma Dean and it used the UroGrow technology that will extract the nutrients from your urine to help your houseplants grow healthier. The box also contains useful info about what kind of drinks to consume, to produce the best quality nutrients and the list includes orange sodas, sparkling water but also vodka.

Of course, there is always the option of buying the kit, keeping it for yourself and just use the packaging to hide a more serious gift inside of it.


If you want to buy one, just click HERE!


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