Snow Shovel On A Wheel: Clears snow 3x faster than a standard shovel

Here’s a smart solution for you. The Snow Shovel on a wheel clears snow 3x faster than a standard shovel using a level action to lift the snow for you.. What do you think ? You need one? This makes snow removal much easier of your back and heart, and even the environment. Watch the video below and if you need one, you can buy using the link below… Thank you!!! For more… give us just ONE LIKE below…

The Snow Shovel On A Wheel



Find it HERE…

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14 Responses to "Snow Shovel On A Wheel: Clears snow 3x faster than a standard shovel"

  1. Guy Brown says:

    I am interested in a purchase of one of your Snow Shovel On A Wheel. Would like a price including S/H . ETA .

  2. nathalie Lherminier says:

    combien vous le vendez

    How much you sell it

  3. Chrystal Y says:

    I really want one. How much are they? How’s I order one?

  4. Susan DeGrasse says:

    Would love to order one!

  5. Dolores Wetzel says:

    yes, how do you purchase it, with shipping and handeling, do you take check, or money order rather then a credit card….. full cost please…

  6. Shelley Sugden says:

    i would like to buy one how much and where to order paypal will pay

  7. Mary DeMann says:

    Would like to buy one…

  8. Louise A Morris says:

    Would like to know the cost please.

  9. Patricia Packer says:

    Would love information on purchasing one!. Price?

  10. Jenny says:

    $138.49 + $13.44 shipping as seen on Amazon

  11. Karen says:

    Amazon sells them for 138

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