Now You Can Store Stuff Right Up Against Your Ceiling, Genius!

Owning too many things and not having enough space for them a great problem in this modern and consumerist world we are living in. That’s why we are in a constant search of clever storage ideas or units that we can add to our homes, and free some space. Most of such storage’s are installed in unexpected places around our house, such as under the stairs or by creating modular closets.

But have you ever thought about using building a storage unit that is close to your ceiling? Well, Dolle has come up with a unit called BEAM-IT-UP and can be fitted in the space just below your ceiling. This is a very smart system for homes with tall ceilings, where you have plenty of space to fit in a storage unit without creating the feeling of crowdedness. You can even use it in small apartments, as it will hide your things in a very clever way.

The best part is that you can purchase the kit in different forms, depending on your needs. For instance, there is a kit for storing shoes, another one for clothes and so on. The units are modular, and you can install them in any shape you want, depending on your space and can even add new units later, if needed.

The storage unit is made from laminated pine, wood, nylon, and a steel frame and can be installed easily, with the help of a drill, tape measure, and screwdriver. You can watch the video presentation of BEAM-IT-UP and check the company’s website for the price of each type of unit.

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