Mirror mirror on the wall, show me how smart you are :) . Smart Mirror 2.0

There are many fairy tales that have a magic mirror in them, but what if there was such a mirror in real life too? This beautiful piece, called Smart Mirror 2.0, is more than just a simple mirror as it has some very high-tech properties. It was created by Robert Grynkofki will fit perfectly into a futuristic and very contemporary home. The mirror uses voice-command and face-recognition, has a built-in camera, a microphone and is comprised of 2 LCD displays. Once activated, the mirror will play music, your favorite movie or can even display you an e-book. Spending time in the bathroom will be much more pleasant having this mirror installed and it can also be an instructive time as the mirror can also display you the latest world news or weather updates. This is a very clever gadget for you home and a must have for every tech-junkie.

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