Fun animal toothbrush holders

These cute animal toothbrush holders are going to be your child’s favorite piece of decoration. Convincing your children to brush their teeth can be a hard job, but with these animal toothbrush holders this task may seem a lot easier. They will also add a fun touch to your bathroom and transform the space with their colorful aspect. The product does not include the toothbrushes and comes in 2 shapes, each with its own name: Diego or Grace. The giraffe and the dinosaur design will make tooth brushing a fun and playful activity. The products are made out of silicone and they are very easy to clean and each of them costs £7,95. Surprise your child with a fun toothbrush holder and you can even invent an instructive story when introducing him/her to these cute animal shaped holders.

diego_toothbrush_holder_1 grace_diego_landscape grace_toothbrush_holder_1

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