Dual-display iPhone concept.

Do you remember how in the past your phone had a physical keyboard and a screen used in landscape mode? There is a new concept that allows the phone to be used in landscape mode, but with a digital keyboard. Just imagine: you will be able to watch your favorite videos, but also send messages or use other phone applications at the same time. It is obvious that Apple will not manufacture this type of phone too soon.

It has been observed, over the years, that they are moving towards minimal models, without moving parts. From discarding the Home button and using Face ID, the idea of a mechanical complex seems far removed. Samsung tried such a concept, with Galaxy Fold, but without the technology being well developed. As a result, many customers complained about the product only a few hours after the purchase.

Dual-display iPhone concept.

iPhone Slide Pro conceptFind more here:https://bit.ly/2rJX0j0

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What do you think about this dual screen iPhone?

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