Cool Water Speakers

Having good music is not all you need to offer your guests if you want your next event to be great. As important as the quality of sound is also the visual show. Music bands now this quite well, as they put on some visual stimuli on the background in their concerts. You can now do the same with a simple thing called water dancing speakers! The couple of speakers featured here are just like ordinary speakers but with water jets illuminated by multi-colored LED incorporated in them! They act like normal 3 watt, USB connected, 3.5mm jack speakers. The show of the jets (each speaker has 4 jets) colored in red, blue, green, and yellow are influenced by the pitch, volume and tempo of the music played. No need to worry about the risk of water spilling on them, because they are completely sealed. With a fantastic low price of £24.95, your next evening party will really look special and feel awesome as well.


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