Swiss Utili-Key 6 in 1

We all have come to know the intricate Swiss knife which combines a lot of utilities in one fashionable thing. But that piece is expensive and not all of us are willing to wear a `knife` alongside their keys. The Utili-Key is a perfect alternative. Both in terms of cost (it sells at only £11.95) and in facilities. It might not look like a versatile key ring companion, but the 6-in-1 tool incorporates a bottle opener, a straight knife blade, a serrated blade, Philips, flat, as well as micro-sized screwdriver. It is made out of solid stainless steel which gives it a durable and ultra-light characteristic. With a size of only 7 by 2 cm and slick almost minimalistic design, it can be easily attached as a key ring and whipped out for minor repairs at any time. You will soon become known among your friends as the handy man with this piece in pocket!

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