Cool Portable Hub & Card Reader

It is not unusual to have a smaller amount of USB ports on your computer or laptop than you would like to have. But how do you implement a solution that is cost-effective and offers a long range of mobility? The Portable Hub & Card Reader gives its users the freedom to use extra ports for transferring music, videos, images and any other files, as well as using extra devices. Each type of port is position on each side, so on one side you have 3 USB ports and on the other 4 card readers for SD/MS/MS, SD/SDM/Mini, Pro/MS, DuoM2/Flash. You also have a light on top the 7 by 5 by 1.5cm portable hub which lets you know when the device is connected. Make sure for a cost of £16.99, you have a quick and easy way to use a lot of devices and transfer files at the same time. A protective travel sleeve is included in the pack.card reader

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