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Street art is one of the most rapidly developing subgenre or art and it is also one of the most temporary art manifestations. There have been many great pieces of street art that disappeared from one day to the other, but when they do remain they can change the outlook of the city in a positive way. Many of the street artists around the world have a close connection with their artwork’s surroundings and nature, managing to beautifully integrate natural elements into their work. Creating such a harmonic mixture can be a hard task, but there are some very talented graffiti artists out there who managed to do a great job. Here are 26 amazing examples of street art combined with nature in order to create beauty and art in the middle of a crowded city.

26-Street-Art-with-Nature-10 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-11 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-12 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-13 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-14 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-15 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-16 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-17 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-18 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-19 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-20 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-21 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-22 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-23 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-24 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-25 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-26 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-01 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-02 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-03 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-04 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-05 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-06 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-07 26-Street-Art-with-Nature-08

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