Awesome Levitating Wireless Mouse

Those who say working at the computer is a risk-free domain couldn’t be more wrong. Among other vision related issues, there is a problem which programmers, designers and even clerks tend to develop over the years: median nerve dysfunction. This is a real affliction and there are solutions for it. None are as creative and impressive as what Vadim Kibardin suggests. The Russian designer proposes a levitating wireless mouse to replace your old one. The floating navigator and magnetic base ring acts as a normal computer mouse but gets rid of the weakness, numbness, or other muscle damage in the hand and fingers inflicted by over exposure to this device. How does the levitating aspect solve the issue? Well, elevating the controls to a more ergonomic position seems to do the job. Wouldn’t this feel and look great in your office?

img (1) img levitate03 levitate04


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  1. al hart says:

    When will it be in production?
    Where do I get it?
    Must have access!!!
    Gotta have it!
    I love the idea. Great!!

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