Simplest traction aid for snow, ice, and mud

Whenever you’re traveling with your car and stuck in mud or snow, no need to call for help. With the ZipGripGo you can easily find your way out of problem! A slippery road is no stop for your car when you attach this clever gadget on the tire. The emergency traction aid kit is actually composed of 36-inch long zip-tie with tire studs molded right in. It’s the right size to keep in the trunk without cluttering whatsoever. It offers much needed assistance on mud, snow, and ice and it’s so fast to install: you just zip it on the tire, there’s more grip on the road and go out of the slippery or muddy situation you were stuck in! The innovative gadget is very simple to use; the manufacture market it as the world’s simplest traction aid, but you will be the ultimate decider on that. Check it out how good it works in the video provided.


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This simple strap could save you if your car gets stuck in mud or snow.

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